Riska Real Estate reached out requesting our digital marketing services. They felt that the marketing strategies they were using didn’t get the expected results and so they wanted to utilize social media better for maximum exposure and best ROI.

They had tried to market the listings through the local newspapers and a bit facebook posts here and there but no specific targeted ads according to the customer avatar and ideal audience.



  • Social Media Ads


Globalmoodmakers is a luxury interior design and architecture shop base out of Rotterdam, Amsterdam. Their unique & exclusive approach to bringing interior’s to life in unconvential ways has led to their company being represented across the world from The Netherlands to the United States of America to Turkey.

As well as designing interiors for houses Globalmoodmakers have been known to take on atypical projects such as designing Yacht and Submarine interiors for clients.

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences

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The Challenge


They didn’t understand how the facebook algorithm worked, so they had no clue how to use facebook to their best advantage. They also didn’t know how to use facebook advertising to drive visitors to the listings.


For this project, the timeframe was very tight. We had 9 days to make sure we delivered visitors that they could close on spot.


The results of not using the best platforms to it’s full potential had put them in a bad situation where not enough visitors would show up to their shows. This then resulted in disappointed listing owners requesting that they did something about their marketing strategies.

Our Solution

We set up three different video ads and made sure the all ran on paid advertising up to the exact date doors closes at the listings.

In order to make sure the right people saw our ads we had to find out our ideal customer. Having the list of current customers in the already sold apartments we found our ideal customer avatar and age range.

By choosing that audience in our Fb ads we were able to get a lot more traffic to the website and really reach the right audience with the right message.

The results of this campaign was that we were able to increase the visitors by more than 300%. From getting 30 visitors the show before we now raised the amount of visitors to 96.

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