Globalmoodmakers is an interior architecture and design firm based out of Rotterdam with an additional office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Staying true to their motto of “Making dreams come true” Globalmoodmakers have designed and implemented upon countless interior’s ranging from Wine Bars to Shopping centre’s to Restaurants as well as the occasional hotel.

Despite their engagement rates on Social Media, particularly Instagram, being were promising, a lack of reach meant Globalmoodmakers had trouble reaching new audiences on both regional and international levels.

The team at Fluencive was tasked with consulting Globalmoodmakers on their Social Strategy. Thorough assessment led to Fluencive identifying key elements that hindered growth in brand awareness for Globalmoodmakers. An in depth understanding of Globalmoodmaker’s underlying business model was used to develop and guide the marketing team in executing an innovative and comprehensive approach to Social Media.

The project was deemed a success with Globalmoodmakers poised for future growth on Social Media.





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Outworks Store

Globalmoodmakers is a luxury interior design and architecture shop base out of Rotterdam, Amsterdam. Their unique & exclusive approach to bringing interior’s to life in unconvential ways has led to their company being represented across the world from The Netherlands to the United States of America to Turkey.

As well as designing interiors for houses Globalmoodmakers have been known to take on atypical projects such as designing Yacht and Submarine interiors for clients.

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences

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The Challenge


They were selling an average amount of around $2,500 per month before we came into the picture The problem they were facing was that they didn’t know how to turn the traffic into profit. No re-targeting. No custom audiences. No look-a-like audiences. The visitors that came to their store either came through search engines or marketplaces and only a few from “boosted” Facebook posts.

Our Solution

We set up an Ad Funnel that the customer would go through from the point they are a cold traffic lead until they are not only a customer but a raving fan and where they’ll come back and buy again and again and again. A different ad that will point them in the right direction down the sales funnel and end up as a customer.

In order to do this we installed our Facebook pixel to their site so we could easily track their actions on the site, then pointing a new ad to them according to what step they took. We set up different ad sets with A/B split testing audiences, objectives and more. A normal split-test is about 3-5 days in order to have enough information and get a winning ad.

After setting up the customer journey that they’ll go through we wanted to find more similar people that just interacted and bought from our store. We knew that if you could sell for $2,000 you can also sell for $10,000 a month. So we created look-a-like audiences with the info that we had on our previous customers and let Facebook target similar people.

The results was a decrease cost-per-click to the e-com store as we were targeting people more willing to buy from us. We would even split test the look-a-like audiences with 1, 2, and 3% similarity in order to see what’s working best. Again, we decreased the cost per click because Facebook always told us what was working and not.

In just our first 30 days period we were able to increase their sales by more than 200%. The first month we generated a revenue of $5,200.

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