Globalmoodmakers is an interior architecture and design firm based out of Rotterdam with an additional office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Staying true to their motto of “Making dreams come true” Globalmoodmakers have designed and implemented upon countless interior’s ranging from Wine Bars to Shopping centre’s to Restaurants as well as the occasional hotel.

Despite their engagement rates on Social Media, particularly Instagram, being were promising, a lack of reach meant Globalmoodmakers had trouble reaching new audiences on both regional and international levels.

The team at Life Media was tasked with consulting Globalmoodmakers on their Social Strategy. Thorough assessment led to Life Media identifying key elements that hindered growth in brand awareness for Globalmoodmakers. An in depth understanding of Globalmoodmaker’s underlying business model was used to develop and guide the marketing team in executing an innovative and comprehensive approach to Social Media.

The project was deemed a success with Globalmoodmakers poised for future growth on Social Media.



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Global MoodMakers

Globalmoodmakers is a luxury interior design and architecture shop base out of Rotterdam, Amsterdam. Their unique & exclusive approach to bringing interior’s to life in unconvential ways has led to their company being represented across the world from The Netherlands to the United States of America to Turkey.

As well as designing interiors for houses Globalmoodmakers have been known to take on atypical projects such as designing Yacht and Submarine interiors for clients.

The Challenge


Upon starting this project Life Media faced an engaged, yet limited target audience and little direction and know-how on executing any strategy. In order to preserve engagement Life Media had to understand Globalmoodmakers’ brand, business model and target audience exceptionally well.


Further guidelines included a limited budget which narrowed down Globalmoodmakers’ ability to engage in long term agreements. Furthermore with minimal activity on Social Media Globalmoodmakers did not have the necessary know-how to execute a strategy without guidance.


Branding, values and a hyper-targeted market were all factors of great importance. The product itself was not a commodity but rather an experience; something that had to be depicted on Social Media at all times.

Our Solution

In order to adhere to the budget required the team at Life Media worked closely to guide Globalmoodmakers to executing the strategy in-house and within a limited budget. Based on our findings of their target market, the nature of their business and their brand values Life Media conceptualized and refined a targeted Social Media strategy.

Due to the visual nature of the brand and Globalmoodmakers’ specific brand values the strategy was limited to Instagram, a experience first platform. In order to counteract the limited budget and lack of know-how Life Media consulted the team at Globalmoodmakers over the initial 4 month period enabling all marketing on Social to be done in house at a fraction of the cost of a long term Agency agreement.

The project was highly successful with Globalmoodmakers growing their audience by more than 29,000 people while receiving over 950,000 impressions and more than 85,000 engagements over 4 months. Initial guidance by Life Media meant Globalmoodmakers were able to continue pursueing their marketing on Social Media in-house.