Exclusiv scheduled a Free Consultation with Life Media armed only with an idea, a vision and a logo. The goal was to leverage social media to build a brand for interior design and architecture enthusiasts.

The goal of the launch was to reach as many people as possible without running CTA’s to an e-mail list, a website or anything similar. The strategy was executed in order to gain Exclusiv huge publicity and social growth on Instagram.

The initial launch was completed in 6 months, after which the Exclusiv brand account had a little more than 500,000 followers with some posts reaching 50,000 likes. During the launch more than 120 million people viewed the brand.





Exclusive is a new online magazine and brand specialising in bringing the latest content to design and architecture enthusiasts. As a social-first brand the goal has been to build a very engaged audience and expand the brand to different platforms as well as a website and print magazine in the future.

Exclusiv has set out to change the architecture and interior design niche on Social Media by providing top quality content while engaging with it’s audience authentically and refraining from excessive ads and other push-marketing techniques.

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The Challenge


When the project was kicked off with Fluencive, Exclusiv did not have a brand. The goal was to build a attractive, modern and engaging brand from the ground up while maintaining quality values and cultivating an engaging culture within it’s community.


In order to build a highly active community Exclusiv wanted to attack a very specific niche on Instagram. Design and architecture are well populated niches online, modern design and architecture not so much. One of the challenges of this aspect was finding the correct target audience and creating engaging content that would lead to them following @exclusiv on Instagram.


The founder of Exclusiv knew that he wanted to test and use the power of Social Media, but without a complete social strategy and certain goals. Fluencive was tasked with coming up with a unique and innovative social strategy that would be inline with Exclusiv’s consumer centric brand values.

Our Solution

Fluencive devised everything from the initial launch to a future roadmap that the Exclusiv team could use for the coming 6 months. The process was kicked off with a blank slate. Exclusiv provided the concepts, brand values and branding material while Fluencive turned the individual components into a full blown social strategy designed to drive results on extremely high levels.

Distribution of Exclusiv’s content was done 100% organically using influencers on Instagram. The content was curated from a variety of online sources while captions and hashtags were individually created to increase the reach of every single post.

Exclusiv was able to achieve massive growth on Instagram (504k targeted followers) while receiving more than 123 Million impressions on their content. 6 Months after the social launch with Fluencive Exclusiv continues to engage millions of users each month.

We can’t wait to see the future developments of the team at Exclusiv.

The results of this campaign was that we were able to increase the visitors by more than 300%. From getting 30 visitors the show before we now raised the amount of visitors to 96.

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