David Sharpe came to Life Media with task of growing his personal brand’s reach and presence on Social Media. Having founded multiple internet companies and now a 8-figure earner David Sharpe’s story has been recognised as “one of the most sincere and intriguing tales that any one individual could convey”.

Continued success with his companies and the the thousands of lives that Sharpe has changed meant his own story had become an inspiration to many. In order to develop his own personal brand and further pursue his goal of changing as many people’s lives as possible Life Media tested and refined a complete social strategy including content creation, distribution through influencer marketing and establishing a blueprint that would help David Sharpe achieve his personal branding goals.



  • Social media management
  • Influencer marketing

David Sharpe

David Sharpe is the founder of several internet marketing companies, most notably Empower Network and Legendary Marketer. Having grown up experiencing a mentally and emotionally tough journey Sharpe has become an inspiration to many.

The Challenge


The key to succeeding with any personal brand is being able to relay authentic and yet engaging content to your fanbase. David Sharpe’s personal brand would have to direct, motivate and inspire action.


David’s personal brand was well known. Despite this, on Social Media there was a lack of an overall storyline. To keep the user engaged for weeks on end the team at Life Media needed to craft a well thought out and highly intriguing storyline.


In order to attract a highly targeted fan base Sharpe’s content would have to be reformatted and optimised for maximum user retention while pertaining authenticity and delivering the core values motivation and inspiration.

Our Solution

In order to achieve authenticity required, the team at Life Media constructed an extensive content strategy utilising engaging copy and images to retain fans. Over the 3 month period a complete storyline was developed and integrated into David Sharpe’s personal Instagram profile.

Engaging CTA’s and targeted hashtags were implemented to increase David’s reach week on week. In order to attract new audiences from around the world we used a selection of highly engaging influencers.

This influx of activity contributed greatly to active growth of David Sharpe’s personal brand on Instagram.