Boatsters approached Life Media for a second project in August 2017. Having completed the first brand awareness campaign successfully with 60,000+ new followers, millions of impressions and 100,000s engagements, this particular project had two overlying objectives. Brand awareness and ROI.

A promotional had been made about Boatster’s new Yacht office and in order to capitalise positively on the opportunity Boatsters approached Life Media to devise a Influencer Marketing campaign across some of Instagram’s most engaged yacht and luxury communities.

The campaign was completed successfully with a 7000% Return on Investment for Boatsters and millions of impressions and engagements with heavily branded content.



Influencer marketing


Boatsters is a Luxury Boat rental provider headquartered out of Amsterdam with offices in the Mediterranean and Miami and boats available for rent and for sale all around the world. Boatsters has established a name for itself as the Airbnb of boat rentals

With more than 3000 satisfied customers and a global team supporting customer’s needs Boatsters have dominated the European Luxury yacht rental market.

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The Challenge


The content in need of amplification was heavily branded in order to achieve the goal of creating positive ROI. In order to reach as many users as possible despite being branded content the team at Life Media focussed on creating an authentic connection by placing content for maximum user visibility.


The target market for Boatsters was extremely unique. Wealthy individuals and yachting aficionados would have to be targeted and moved through the sales funnel to make the campaign a success.


In order to validate Social Media, in particularly Instagram, as a platform for marketing the team at Life Media had to achieve positive ROI for the campaign. With constrained budgetary requirements and boat rental prices ranging from 800€ up to 500,000€ per week, a positive ROI required intense planning and market research.